What Would Bowie Do? Sloppy Jo Sweater

  • £45.00

What Would Bowie Do?

Now I ask myself this for just about everything and so should you. Shall I wear flats or heels? It’s a tough one but the answer is obviously both Why? Because Bowie would always make you feel the tallest in the room when in your flats and the tallest in the room when in your heels.....that’s what Bowie would do!

You see, it’s about tapping into the legend within. Have a think about what you’d do and then scrap that and leave it to the guy that just knew.

 Wear any of our ‘What would Bowie do’ range and become somebody who just knows.

 We can be heroes if we all just do what Bowie would do?

100% Cotton,  Screen Printed by Hand